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The Offensive Line

Mar 18, 2019

Orlando Comedian's Jared Scott and first timer Patrick Logan was on the show today. Zack tried to figure out if someone he worked for is racist. Jared got someone to quit comedy and Patrick talked about this time in boot-camp. We don't want to give away much but you're going to love this show.



KK 3005

Mar 10, 2019

A show so crazy that even Blackman had to take a break. They talked about someone David knew called "Lick the Wall" and other crazy people from around the Orlando area. Which version of Orlando Comedian Akeem we like best? David talked about how he got good tips being a server on I-Drive and Billy Myers III stop by...

Mar 3, 2019

Biker George a new comedian that is only 10 months in and Javaris was on the show today. Javaris isn't a fan of an local Orlando comedian because he hit on his girlfriend. Zack talked about going down to Miami to see his girlfriend. George talked about being in the service and the time he tried out for hosting for a...

Feb 25, 2019

No guest today but we did have Zack's girlfriend Meagan sit in. Blackman talk about going to Red Planet 13 in Vegas and getting his lotion taken away by a TSA agent. Zack has been dating Meagan for a month and it's been going well. So he is he ready to pop the question like the last relationship?



The Offensive...

Feb 17, 2019

Do guest today so Blackman and Zack talked about there weeks. Zack now has a girlfriend and his life is going pretty good for only 2 months into 2019. Blackman did so good at comedy a guy from the show let him crash at his place which worried Zack a little bit. Blackman is playing Apex Legends and Zack is going to join...