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The Offensive Line

Jul 31, 2017

Sorry about the audio I did my best to level things out but I how you do enjoy it.

Jul 23, 2017

Danny from Penguin Knife Fight was on the show today. Blackman had the longest week that he tried to end. Danny got Blackman to do his Donald Duck voice again. There was some role play that happen in the mix this time around. We talked about R. Kelly and the movie Baby Driver. You're going to love this show because when...

Jul 16, 2017

We had Cody Bush from Penguin Knife Fight on the show today. As you know Damien isn't going to be on the show for the rest of the month until the very end. Why? We'll never know the real reason but he's leaving the show anyways. Plus Zack is dating someone and she's on the show today. We had a new fan reached out to...

Jul 9, 2017

Damien pretty much bail until Tampa-bay Comic-Con but that doesn't mean we can have Ally back on. Claire and Ally talked about what they're into and you might be shocked. Blackman was rubbing up on a sexy female model at a party the night before. Pretty long and crazy but that's just the way you like it.



Jul 2, 2017

Today we had Ally a high class stripper on the podcast today. Blackman got screwed over because bitches don't know what a file type was. Zack had people question if he was gay again. Ally talked about all the penis she enjoy and calling a guy daddy. Today was a very fun show with Ricky sitting in on the podcast. The...