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The Offensive Line

May 28, 2017

We had Brian Katz from Paint it Black Comics on the show. Brain talk about being a white guy getting ready to marry a black woman and having mix kids. Brain trying to warn Zack about the red dot if he comes to NYC. Blackman talks about the comedy scene in and out of town. You're going to love this show because we...

May 21, 2017

We had local Orlando Comedian Charles Entress on the show today. We even had a different guest sitting in other that Farmer. Zack landed a role in a film and had a band walk into his work place playing music. Blackman talk about his commitment issues while Charles about getting a male male romper. We played snaps from...

May 14, 2017

We record on a Friday since Mothers Day is on a Sunday. It was just one of those shows where Blackman, Farmer and Zack just talked. However one of the best news stories is when a cop figured out he's 18% Black. Please enjoy the show today folks and I hope you had a good Mothers Day.


Lines - Weekends

May 7, 2017

Today on the show we had David Jolly one of Orlando's new up coming comedians. David Jolly and Blackman both like getting it on with big women. Blackman talked to stripper and played her Snapchat on the podcast. David Jolly take on Zack was affected by what Big Tim said. Today was every over the top, plus I like the...