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The Offensive Line

Apr 30, 2017

Today we had Jessica Benjamin a new Orlando Comedian on the show today. A fan stop listening to the show and you get to figure out if it was because of Zack or Damien. DJ Chocolate asked a girl what she think of Zack and the it was spot on. Everyone talk about what kind of shows we all like. Jessica talked about an old...

Apr 23, 2017

Adam Murray was on the show today but Damien was not due to work. The show went a little on long today so we cut out the news all together. Zack talked about how he would live to live his family once he had kids. We talked about having beepers in the 90s and so much more.




Adam Murray Live




Apr 16, 2017

Lesley Jo a local Orlando Comedian and one of the host of the Pretty Little Pints Podcast was on today. Damien and Blackman had to do a show without Zack so you'll love how this one turned out. Damien told a story about one of his female friends using peanut butter on herself. Blackman talked about going...

Apr 9, 2017

We had local comedian and nerd Joshua Silvers. Mainly so we can get a sound clip of his laugh on our soundboard. Plus Blackman enjoy him on the Public House Showcase which this time went well. Zack is done acting for now, Damien don't have a boyfriend anymore. Blackman had to do a rated PG-13 showcase. 




Apr 3, 2017

No guest today but Damien wanted to update the show to be more free form when it comes to weeks. Blackman got called late Friday to do his Donald Duck voice. Zack is pretty amped for WWE and Damien has a boyfriend now. Let's hope he keeps this one more than week. If you want to join the group the links are...