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The Offensive Line

Mar 26, 2017

Today was an awesome show! We all talk about going to Tampa Bay Comic Con. Female toys with guest in the room and helping men get where they need to be. Trust me I don't wanna give things away anything but it was an awesome show.



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Katamari Damacy OST...

Mar 19, 2017

We had Danny and Cody from PKF on the show since our dream guest stripper cancel at the last minute. Blackman screwed up by saying he hung out with Chad. Zack when on a hung out with a chick and she didn't know it was a date. Blackman went camping with his friend Nick and Justin over the weekend. Danny is going to get...

Mar 12, 2017

Damien couldn't make it because of family came out last minute stuff . It was Blackman and Zack with a little Farmer in the mix. Zack did a good job of landing his acting parts while Blackman did a bad show at Public House. The show Skype in someone from the chatroom. Since Damien wasn't here there was a lot more guy...

Mar 6, 2017

Blackman had a mix up so no guest today. Pretty simple week, no one really didn't have anything crazy happen. However Zack and Blackman did see Logan which was a very power and touching movie. In the news babysitter touch kids, boy get shot by girlfriend's dad and much more.