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The Offensive Line

Jul 31, 2016

No guest today and even better no soundboard! The online soundboard didn't have any of the show clips and Blackman was pissed. However we still manage to upload 4 clips into. Zack had a Gentleman's Draw today for some crazy reason. Where did you jack off today? Zack had to ask the question and everyone gave...

Jul 24, 2016

Sorry for the echo but it used a new app to try and record people remote. Hey you can hear this everyone this time around. Today Zack and Damien kissed while our guest watched. Blackman lost his hosting job but gain something else. Zack dog only likes to watch now but he remember the good o' days when he join in.

Jul 17, 2016

Danny Loecken is back again and it made for one hell of a show. Blackman didn't get on an open mic due to a past Munch & Punch. A guy tried to get a ride from Danny and while Blackman BBQ over the weekend. Plus in the news is just pretty much a ton of Pokemon Go stuff again. 



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The Offensive...

Jul 10, 2016

No guest today, but it was still a fun show. Today the boys came up with a drink for the show. Bold and Belligerent think Blackman isn't funny for there 100th show plus he didn't give Damien the correct password. Zack is on his path to being an actor and more black people shot in the news.



Jul 4, 2016

That's right a 4th of July show! Zack was out of town so we had to push the show off by a day. Blackman went to a party and Zack when to go see his family out of town. Zack step up to being a father for his sister and realize that's not something he want to do anytime soon. The boys go over details for Tampa Bay...