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The Offensive Line

Oct 26, 2015

Sorry but I ran out of hard-drive space when I was recording the show. I've was able to record 1 hour of the show and I figured something is better than anything. I'm going to try and get Akmal back and give him a show that isn't screwed up. This show doesn't really count in fact.

Oct 18, 2015

Today on the Zack got a hold of Blackman's note pads. It started off with something simple but there was a lot more at the end. Blackman when to a bar that has a password to get in. You can check out the pictures on his Instagram. Zack roommates girlfriends like to hangout for a long time. Blackman takes a cut that...

Oct 11, 2015

Edric Eero a long time find of Blackman is was on the show. To hit on Blackman you got to be very direct about it. Zack hurt himself by doing something really dumb and have it on video this time around. Damien can't get a hold of his black man but still trying to get a hold of Blackman. In the news today we have mother...

Oct 4, 2015

Our guest bail today but the boys did there best to put on a show. Blackman was told to look in a folder of pictures that could have nudes. Damien is trying to sale items and Zack has a date lined up. In the news today we had woman bashing man head in, rapper DMX making a comeback, anti-marijuana politician busted...